Corporate Chauffeuring

As each client is unique in their own way, we provide a new system aimed at working around the clients’ requirements by customizing each request exactly the way our clients prefer. From simple airport transfers to as directed services for half or full days, each and every service is duly tracked and monitored from initiation to completion regardless of time or location.

Time & Motion works closely with the bookers, personal assistants, or the end passengers themselves to ensure smooth chauffeuring services. Driver details are always communicated via E-mail or SMS to the client before the service starts and regular updates are sent as the service progresses.

The success of Time & Motion depends on our most prized element within our organization… our chauffeurs. All our chauffeurs are managers of the booking and hence are empowered to take care of all client requirements in a professional and friendly approach. Each chauffeur undergoes constant training in all aspects including first aid, road show and event understanding, airport meet & greet training and location training thus ensuring clients’ peace of mind by knowing that they are with a local guide in each destination.

Chauffeured Luxury Ground Transportation in over 500 Major Cities Globally


Seamless Road Show Itinerary Planning and Execution across multiple cities and time zones

Time & Motion assists clients in the planning and execution of their road show transportation requirements. We carefully study each and every itinerary during the planning phase and then cross check flights schedules, meeting schedules/locations, and traffic/weather conditions in order to ensure smooth and timely execution of our executives’ road shows. Time & Motion seamlessly manages road shows across multiple cities and is able to manage multiple vehicles and meetings agendas at the same time.

Constant updates are communicated to the bookers of the Road Shows while unforeseen changes such as flight cancelation or meeting rescheduling are quickly dealt with. This puts our clients and their personal assistants at ease knowing that they have a safety net to rely on. Time & Motion is also able to provide a more integrated approach to the road show by assisting client’s in the booking of flights and hotel rooms based on their meeting agendas. Furthermore, we are always happy to provide our executive personal assistance to accompany executives on the road.

Corporate Chauffeuring Lifecycle

Information we require (booking details) Destination city(ies), security service required (yes, no), Number of PAX, vehicle type(s), date/time of services, arrival flight schedule of group, departure flight schedule of group, pick up/drop off locations, event schedule, special instructions (e.g. Blackberry charger on board, wifi, type of newspaper, chauffeur to coordinate pick up tie for next day). Information for the client Fleet manager details, on site coordinators details (airport, hotels, venues), emergency contact details, buffer cars details (if any)

Location pre-checks, Coordinator on sites, coordinator meet guests, coordinator allocating chauffeurs, PAX on board, PAX on route, PAX arrived and service completed for the day, additional instruction for next day, service report sent to the event manager.