• Why T & M

Why T & M

Quality of Services
T&M does not book services, it manages and coordinates them.

Time & Motion guarantees the highest level of services and such is our standard whereby all services are provided with only the best handpicked personnel who go the extra mile to ensure your objectives in any destination are met with safety and comfort.

Quality Control means all services are being monitored by our operations staff from its commencement to its completion. This allows us to do all the admin work instead of the office managers/Pas worrying about the tracking of the services for their managers. This allows the executive assistants to concentrate on all of their other job functions while we do all the running around and ensuring that all ground arrangements are all in place at the level required by the travelling executive.

Through our Quality Assurance Department, we have a 24 hour reservations & customer services support system in place, which enables us to acknowledge an enquiry within an hour and confirm reservations for any destination in the world or deal with any queries quickly and effectively without any inconvenience to the end user.

Transfer of buying power & negotiating on client’s behalf. Based on client requirements and patterns, T&M endeavors in negotiating on your behalf and go directly to the airline carrier, hotel chain or service provider in order to get more out of them in terms of better pricing, better services,added amenities, or special discount systems exclusively for our clients. We already do this for our current clients who are always happy to hear from us that we have managed to get a better deal for their company and raised the service bar to a new level which is always welcoming for travelling executives.

Peace of Mind
Most executives or personal assistants at times panic when there is a problem in the booking or the itinerary. Knowing that all is being taken care of, T&M gives peace of mind to both the travelling executive and the personal assistant assuring them all the time that they do not need to worry once the booking is with us and can sleep peacefully knowing we are there to take care of all that needs to be done.

Personalized Service
At Time & Motion, we allocate one designated team of consultantsthat will manage your entire account. Once we have the profiles on each client, the dedicated team looking after the account will have hands-on control in making quick decisions when making bookings as they will be familiar with the executive needs and personal preferences.

Quick & Effective Response
We guarantee a response time that is second to none. We operate on a 24/7 basis and hence all bookings or queries are acknowledged within 15 minutes thus giving you peace of mind that we are working on your request or query. Also, being 24/7 allows us to deal with any issues regardless of location or time zone differences.

Global & Local Services
T&M provides a wide range of global services such as Saudi Arabia limousine services including chauffeured ground transportation, security services, airport meet & greet services, and private jets & yacht charters. We also manage and coordinate corporate events and MICE requirements down to the last detail.

The primary aim of our service offering is to lessen the burden of having to deal with many service providers thus mitigating the risk of inconstant quality across vast geographies. This ultimately reduces your time, efforts and workload by dealing with one point of contact with the same quality level anywhere in the world.

Wide range of brand new fleet of vehicles
Having access to a wide range of vehicles allows us to cater for all requirements from the Chairman of the board requiring an S Class Mercedes to a marketing manager who requires a standard Lincoln Towncar. We provide services aiming at all levels thus giving clients a choice from a variety of vehicles on offer to suit their tastes and budgets.

Comprehensive passenger profiling
Before any booking, the first thing we do is profile our clients. We understand first their preferences, tastes, likes/dislikes down to even the smallest of detail and then manage their itineraries in the manner each guests prefers thus looking into the finer touches ensuring clients always have their smallest and greater needs looked after.

One stop shop
Save time and money by having us to handle every aspect of your Travel & Logistics needs from start to successful completion.